“I have known Verna for more then 10 years. We started our journey through business dealings and have since become good friends. When doing business with Verna she was always well prepared and handled every situation like the professional she is. I was always impressed by how thorough her work was. As a friend she is the best. Whenever I had questions about anything I could always call Verna. She would always listen. I respect her and I feel honored to call her my friend.  I do not see her as often as I used to, but I know that no matter what, she would be there for me if I needed her. People like her are few and far between and I am glad she is a part of my world. ”


“I have known Attorney Bash-Flowers for approximately 15 years and she has represented me in my divorce and Chapter 7. She was compassionate and dedicated to helping me get through these issues with as little stress as possible. I would recommend Attorney Bash-Flowers to anyone who is looking for an attorney who will fight for them.”

E. Grey

“I have had the pleasure to work with Verna Bash- Flowers for the past five years. We have been working on various real estate and corporate matters. I have found  Ms. Flowers to be extremely knowledgeable in both real estate and business law and corporate law. Her knowledge is both extensive and varied in those fields. In addition, I have found her to be extremely ethical on all levels. It is my pleasure to work with her and I am sure you will find the same.”

G. Novogroder

“Mrs. Flowers is a person of great integrity.  She is a very professional, honest, kind and compassionate attorney.  My experience with her has been very pleasant and  I would recommend her to anyone!”

K. Patterson