LexisNexis Expert Steve Yale-Loehr on the Fence and the House

“Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., says he opposes an immigration bill working its way through the Senate because it offers “a mere promise of enforcement in the future.”  For example, the bill’s promised 700 miles of border fencing — it just isn’t going to happen, he argues.  He told Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer on June 23, 2013, that even with a security-boosting amendment from Republican Sens. Bob Corker and John Hoeven, the bill “doesn’t fulfill its promises.”  “It has a specific provision that says that Secretary (Janet) Napolitano does not have to build any fence if she chooses not to,” Sessions said. … “This provision just gives DHS discretion not to build a fence at a particular location, not discretion to not build a fence at all,” said Stephen Yale-Loer

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